Wednesday Brunch 'n Bible Study

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." ~ 1 Corinthians 10:31


on April 8, 2014

This is a short, but poignant, chapter of 1Tim. I read through it at first with the same brain I do when I’m reading instructions that come with a new product. Ugh. Instructions. I thought about it, and pondered, and realized it’s more mentoring than instruction. It’s Paul mentoring Timothy to mentor these new Christians. There had to be instructions and they had to be clear. Clarity is something we all need, especially when it comes to what is expected of us as Christ followers. These instructions are gentle, not harsh. Firm, but not menacing. Especially when contrasted to the strict laws laid down back in the Old Testament.

There is a lot (A LOT) of commentary on this short chapter, so I hope you have taken/will take some time to read some of this commentary yourself. This chapter has fantastic guidelines for anyone who wants to be in leadership within the church. Honestly, they’re great guidelines for someone wanting to be in leadership anywhere!

Question: Let’s talk about v. 6 — what kind of pride could show up if you give a new believer too much responsibility too quickly? Have you ever seen this happen? How do you ‘throttle someone back’ without hurting them or squelching their enthusiasm? How to you encourage new believers who are eager to grow and serve to get involved?

Question: Let’s talk about v. 7 — This one should hit all of us between the eyes! How does your life inside church and your life outside church compare? In our Beth Moore study (Sacred Secrets), we talked about ‘the space of our contradictions between our exterior life and interior life’ and how dangerous that unclaimed ground can be. Do you see this verse relating to that?

Question: As you read through the instructions for leadership, do you feel they pertain as much to women in the church as they do do men?

Question: Verses 14-16 are a rationale, reasoning as to why Paul wrote the chapter. V 16 is a short ‘hymn’ about Christ being both Divine and Human to carry out the task of true redemption for us. If you’ve read some commentary on this and have studied it a bit, what have you learned? Some coordinating verses would be Is 7:14, Matt 4:11, John 1:14, Rom 1:3-4.

I think the important thing I took away from this chapter, not counting the guidelines for being a Godly leader, are to not over look a chapter because it is short or if it has a great deal of instructions. As all scripture is God-breathed, there is something there He needs us to see and about which we need to be submissive.

Any thoughts or responses???


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